As we say in Lebanon, Tsharrafna!

My name is Nadeem and I studied in Rome, am based in Dubai but originally Lebanese. That's my intro whenever I meet anyone new, so it's only fair that I introduce myself that way :)

I'm a photographer, yes, but I'm also an audio engineer, a videographer, a rusty drummer, and a decomissioned basketball player (to name a few) - above all though, I've always been passionate about creativity. As a photographer, I'm always doing my best to capture beautiful moments that unfold around us, and I get the privilege of meeting some absolutely amazing people throughout that process.

I consider every project that I work on to be as individual as the person who I am working with, and we are all different! I care about what we'll be working on together just as much as you do, and I always want to push the boundaries to come up with something unique whenever possible. 

I don't specialize in one specific genre, but I've produced content for events, sports, food, weddings, portraits, and much more. Have an idea? Get in touch and let's make it happen!

Check out a few of the places where I've been published, as well as some of my clients: